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Make friends, have fun playing bridge

You are approaching retirement. You are used to an active life, meeting people and using your brain. What will you do after you have finished work?

For many people the answer is to learn to play bridge. Bridge is a game that requires concentration and keeps the brain active. You will be constantly learning more and there is never a chance of becoming bored.

As a bridge player you will have an active and full social life. Wherever you live you will find a bridge club. Some meet every week and some meet once a month. You will meet new friends and within weeks of joining you will find yourself invited to join bridge parties and games at other members’ houses.

Why not join a local bridge class too to help improve your game and meet even more people?

If you fancy a weekend away, there is a wide choice of bridge holidays for all standards of players from beginners to improvers to experienced players.

Once you’ve started learning bridge, you might find yourself addicted! Don’t worry, you can use the internet to improve your game. Online you will find a wide range of resources to help improve your play. Practice at home and amaze your fellow bridge players with your improved standard of play.

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