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About Savvy Seniors

SAVVY SENIORS, INC. is a non-profit association founded with the help of State Mutual Insurance Company.  We seek to connect seniors to information, events, each other, and to trusted products.

Our editors seek out articles, videos, and resources perfectly matched for the retirement lifestyle whether that be finance, health, travel, medicare, wellness or any other related news.

We want our readers to be able to make informed decisions about financial products, medicare supplement, estate planning, and other important post-retirement milestones.

We build partnerships with companies that offer sound products that appeal to the savvy senior we serve.  So, we look to bring you products and discounts from only the most transparent companies who you can trust.

We look forward to building an online community for active seniors across the country. If there is information you’d like to see us explore, or any other suggestions, please contact us.